Thursday, June 9, 2016

Welcome Back Everyone!

Thank you everyone for joining Jessie and Donna on our fabulous cruise.  We couldn't have done it without you.

We would also like to thank the stores, companies and people who contributed to our incredible door prizes.
I will post those names here soon.

Thank you to Jessie who put together the classes and fun activities.  Even with a few hiccups, she was always fun and cheery.  Just don't say the word "Mahjong" anywhere near her.

Thank you to Donna for arranging all of our travel administration.  In addition, Donna kept us grounded and on-track during our meetings by threatening to throw shrimp at us when veered off topic.

There is no way I can thank myself since that is just weird.  However, I want to say that doing the newsletters, posting on this blog and writing the meeting minutes was fun.  I enjoyed every minute of it.  In addition, it helped to counteract the mind numbing effect of cartoons on my brain.

On behalf of Jessie, Donna and myself, thank you everyone.


lovely mini album cover by M Hill.  Thank you.

I Missed All of You!

Dear Sailing with Scissors Friends
Welcome home from your fabulous cruise.  Donna and Jessie told me that everyone had a lovely time.  What wonderful news!

At the same time, I am sad that I had to cancel.  I loved all our Sailing with Scissors cruises, even the ones that gave me motion sickness.  Ha ha.  I'm afraid that my mom's health is declining and my daughter was given a surgery date during our cruise.  Of course, we had issues with the surgery and it was postponed until May.  The good news is that it went well.

Thank you for all your well wishes, thoughtful gifts and lovely cards.  I really missed seeing our newbie Sailing with Scissors friends as well as our past cruisers.  I'm getting choked up just typing this now.

You are all the sweetest people.  Thank you again for your thoughtfulness.  I wish all of you love and good health.


Thank you for all your kind words

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Beautiful Cards for the Swap

Whoa!  Did we have cool looking cards for the card swap.  Thanks to everyone who participated. The variety, colours, techniques, styles were so gorgeous.

Feast your eyes on these beauties:

This pretty seafoam green card has a cool embossed background

Darliene made this springy 3D gorgeous card

This pearlescent card is elegant in style

Shelley's chevron bunny card is too cute

The intricate cutting on this card is edgy

Lisa's colourful card is cheery and dimensional

Brenna's sparkly peacock is so stylish

This gatefold card from Double S Crafts is beautiful

Linda's dramatically cool card was made using Tattered Lace and Butterfly Magic Dies
Barb N meticulously crafted this whimsical shirt card

Liz made this sweet feminine butterfly card
Dianne made this card that is a feast for your eyes

What a lovely calming card

Leslie made this hauntingly beautiful card

Barb P made this calming and peaceful card
We definitely had a talented group of ladies participate in this card swap.

Hats off to you!