Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas

Dear Sailing with Scissors Friend
Jessie, Donna and I would like to wish you and your families a wonderful and heartfelt Christmas.
May 2016 bring love, laughter, friendship and creativity to you and to everyone.
stamped paper ornament

Scan N Cut for Christmas?

No....well you're in luck!  Castle Sewing Centre has three Scan N Cuts in their inventory at this moment.  Our incredibly fabulous travel agent, Donna, is also a Scan N Cut expert for Castle's Sewing.  She can give you a very cool demonstration.
Here is a very cool fact about Castle's Sewing.  If you buy any type of machine from their store, the employees will give you tutorials on how to operate your machine for as long as you own it.  I had three tutorials on how to work the automatic threader on my sewing machine.  The really nice customer service person told me to call them if I have trouble with any other feature of my sewing machine.  Whoa!  You don't get service like this anywhere, now a days.
You Rock - Castle Sewing Centre!

Final Payment due at end of month

Hello Sailing with Scissors Crafters!
Our fabulous travel agent Donna has asked me to pass along that the final payment for our wonderful cruise will be at the end of this month.
Please call Donna if you have any questions.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Spots Available! Hurry They Will Go Fast!

Hello Sailing with Scissors Friends

We have had people cancel recently due to medical issues.  As a result, we have spots for several more people to join Sailing with Scissors.
I just called Princess Cruises and they still have a nice selection of cabins available on The Star Princess.
If you thought about joining our 10 night, fun filled Pacific Coastal cardmaking adventure on April 19, 2016, now is your chance.

Please call our fabulous travel agent, Donna Athey at any of the following numbers:

Toll Free - North America:  1-800-299-0817
Office (local Vancouver BC Canada area) 604-464-7447
Mobile (local Vancouver BC BC Canada area) 604-644-5562

As soon as we have filled these spots, I will be deleting this post.

Tell all your friends

Spots Available - Act Fast!

Monday, September 28, 2015

Mail-Out coming to you soon

Hello Everyone,
Donna is in in the process of sending out the mail-outs to all of you.  In your envelope, you will have the class list, the free events list, a demo of a tag from our wonderful Jessie, and the card necessary to attach to embellie, if you're doing the embellie swap.

On the last page of the package is the "Sign-Me-Up Checklist".  Please review everything on this list since you will have to do some homework to participate in some of the free events.

Here is are pics of the type of tag you will need to buy if you plan on joining the technique swap:

Buy these!

Jessie's lovely technique tag

***Please note that once you have decided on a technique, please email Jessie at  In this way, we don't have any duplication of techniques.  We want everyone who participates in this swap to come away with all different fun techniques.  


Saturday, July 18, 2015

Excursions for San Fran and Santa Barbara are posted

Hello Friends
Donna just informed me that the excursions for San Francisco and Santa Barbara are listed on the website.  However, no excursions are available yet for LA and Catalina Island.  I'm sure those excursions will be posted shortly.
Star Princess Atrium

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Sneak Peek Schedule

Hello Sailing with Scissors Friends,
We have had a few members inquire about classes and free events.  I'm afraid we haven't hammered out several details of the schedule such as dates or times.  However, here is a sneak peek of all the classes and free events.  Our fabulous Jessie Hurley will be teaching all the classes for our group.

Please feel free to email Jessie at for the classes you would like to take.
-The classes are $35 plus taxes.  After you make your selections, Jessie will email you a Pay Pal Invoice.  Upon receipt of the invoice, please pay your classes. 
-Please choose a minimum of 2 classes.
-You will make 3 cards in each class.
-Please also email Jessie with your selection of free events.  We need to know how many kits to organize.
-If you do not have a credit card or can not pay for your classes on-line, please email Jessie at the email address above and she can make alternative arrangements.

Faux Leather Technique - Jessie shows you how to make cards with the look of leather.  No animal is hurt in the making of this class.
Zendoodle/Maximizing Use of Dies - You may remember a lovely swap card made by our alumni friend, Karen B.  It was a dress with a cool Zendoodle design.  Karen learned the technique from Jessie.  Several people showed an interest in this card so Jessie is going to teach it on our cruise. I took Jessie's Zendoodle class at Donna's house and just loved the cards we made.  I highly recommend it.
Inka Gold Wash - Do you have a few pots of Inka Gold that have dried out?  Don't throw them away!  This class shows you how to use the dried Inka Gold to create a beautiful watercolour wash.
Glitter Painting with Stamps - Whoa!  This sounds fun.  Create glittery goodness with your stamps.
Mystery Card Class - Learn a cool new mysterious card making technique.  What does it involve?  What materials will you use?  Only our fearless teacher, Jessie Hurley, knows.  Sounds intriguing, for sure.

Marshmallow Throwing Game - Thanks to partners in crime, Dianne and Charlene who suggested this hilarious game.  We won't be throwing marshmallows.  Instead, we will be throwing around fun card crafting objects.
Beautiful Embellie Swap - Each participant will choose $5 worth of her favourite new embellishment to swap.   The embellishment has to be one of your faves.  In fact, you will have a little card attached to your embellishment that states "I love this embellishment because..."
Card Swap - Everyone loves the card swaps.  This isn't just for experienced card makers.  If you are new to card making, give this a go - you will have fun.  We are structuring this card swap a little differently than in the past.  Everyone who participates will get a card from every other participant.  We promise!
Technique Tag Swap - Each person will make a sample technique tag, using the Ranger Inkssentials #8 tags, with an explanation as to how she did the technique.  We will hole punch each technique and each person will get all the techniques gathered on a ring for future reference.  How cool is that!
Make N' Take - Our wonderful Jessie will be hosting a fabulous make n' take.  OK, we don't know the details but if Jessie is involved, you will love it!

Chef Bearnaise and Cruise DirectBear will ensure we get a schedule posted ASAP.  Until then, this will give you an idea of the classes and free events being offered.  Please feel free to email Jessie to register.

Cheers, Celina

Monday, June 1, 2015

You Spoke - We Listened. Bring Extra Suitcase

Hello Sailing with Scissors Chums!

Our organizers met last week to hammer out details of our new Sailing with Scissors Coastal Cruise.  We have read all the participation surveys completed by our members from the Alaskan 2014 cruise and we were blown away by all the useful tips, suggestions and ideas.  In fact, we are implementing several of these ideas in our upcoming cruise.

Instead of giving you the "Same Ol', Same Ol'", we are updating our free events as well as adding more fun free group activities.  Do the phrases "Swap-A-Palooza" and "Marshmallow Toss" peak your interest?  Stay tuned for these and other fun goodies.

Speaking of goodies, we are keeping a few favourite goodies that everyone loves.  We all love the goodie bags bursting with cardmaking goodness, the pre and after make n' take events at our favourite local stamping stores, the informative newsletters and the classes.

Keeping all this in mind, please bring an extra suitcase.  You will need it for all the fun cardmaking prizes and goodies you will receive as a member of our group.

Too Squishy!!!

Phew!  That's Better! 

Cruise Excursions Not Available until end of 2015

Hello Sailing with Scissors Friends
Donna checked with Princess Cruises and the representative told her that excursions through the cruise line are not yet available.  They expect to have the excursions updated on the Princess registration website at the end of the year.  We will keep you posted when they become available.


Saturday, March 7, 2015

Coastal Cruise April 2016 SOLD OUT!

Say what?
Our 2016 Princess Coastal Cruise, Sailing with Scissors group is SOLD OUT.
Congratulations to everyone who booked the cruise.  You will have a fabulous time.
We will have our class and free events schedule posted next month.
Even Sneakers the cat can't believe the amazing response to our next Sailing with Scissors Cruise:

Meow!  That was quick!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Sailing with Scissors Cruise and Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Everyone!

Can you believe five months after our last Sailing with Scissors fun filled event, we are doing another cruise?  In fact, the cruise is sailing on April 2016 and our Sailing with Scissors group is already half booked.
Jessie, Donna and I will be hosting this cruise again.  However, the familiarity ends here.  We are revving up the classes, games and swap to an all-time high.  If you have joined our group on previous cruises and you're thinking "been there, done that"...think again.

Details of our new and improved Sailing with Scissors cruise will be posted after we have our first meeting of the new year.

Here is our itinerary:

              10 NIGHTS, APRIL 19 TO APRIL 29 2016

Click on picture to enlarge


Call Donna Athey, our wonderful travel agent at any of the following:
Work:  604-464-7447, Toll Free outside Vancouver, 1-800-299-0817
Cell:  604-644-5562

Wishing everyone peace, happiness, and lots of cardmaking in 2015!