Saturday, December 25, 2010

Card Swap Winner

Congratulations to Sharon D who won the card swap. What a gorgeous card. It was a tight race. As you can see below, she had tough competition.
There was a really cute Christmas fireplace that you don't see in the cards below. That was sent away for Christmas for a friend who doesn't have a fireplace. I'm afraid I can't remember which wonderful person made the card. You can see it on the card swap video.
Vicki, you will notice that your card isn't showing below. It was given to a really nice little girl for her birthday. She loved the card which was light sage with a blingy flower and butterfly. Sorry Vicki. You and Marie are going to have to come on the next cruise, enter the card swap, so that we can have the picture of your card below. :)

Card Swap Pics

Class Fun

Here are some pics of the class participants having fun. We had a conference room reserved which was called the "Cardstock Group". The cruise director said we couldn't call the room a cardmaking class, otherwise non-registered guests would want to join the classes. It was only for our "Sailing with Scissors" bunch.


The glaciers were breathtaking.

Here are some pics of the train ride.

Some of us went on a really cool train ride. It was so warm and sunny that one of us fell asleep on the train...zzzzzzzz. You know who you are. It wasn't Ms. Gail who is pictured here, looking fab.
There was a film crew in a helicopter filming the sights and the train.

Is that Bob, Roy or Jim???

We had a three husbands who came on the cruise to provide moral support for their cardmaking spouses. You guys were really good sports. I'm not saying they didn't had fun, just ask Mr. Sudoko Runner Up Prize Winner. A round of applause for Roy, Jim and Bob.

You don't believe me about the Alaskan weather, eh?

Here are some more beautiful Alaskan pictures. Again, the weather was awesome.

Wow! That was fun!

We have been back for a while and it has been busy, busy, busy with the holidays coming fast. Now that Christmas is here, it is time to do some catching up.
We definitely had lots and lots of fun.
First, the weather was INCREDIBLE. We didn't have one day of rain or snow. It was sunny the whole trip.
Here is our ship - Rhapsody of the Seas. It looks like it is sitting on a glass table top.