Saturday, May 31, 2014

Important - Meet and Greet aboard ship venue changed

Ahoy There
Donna just found out that we are NOT meeting at Michael's Lounge for our Meet and Greet the day we board the ship.
Our Sailing with Scissors Group will meet at The Conference Centre on Deck 6, Forward, from 2:00 pm to 2:30 pm, on August 17th, when we board. 
In order to make it to the Meet and Greet, Donna says that you should start your boarding process at noon.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Complete Celebrity Alaskan Cruise and Sailing with Scissors Schedule

Hello Sailing with Scissors Friends
I have moved this post to the top so that everyone can get a refresher of our schedule.  Please note you will also get an itinerary of this cruise as well as other pertinent information the evening of our sailing from Vancouver.

We have been asked to post a complete schedule of the cruise and the Sailing with Scissors events and classes so that people can see the whole week in one place.

Cruise and Sailing with Scissors Schedule

Saturday Aug 16 - Pre-cruise get together at Making Memories with Scrapbooking in Burnaby.
---Time 6:00 PM.  Do a free Make N' Take, meet your new Sailing with Scissors pals and get a store discount.  Thank you Amari, Diana and Debbie, owners of the store

Sunday Aug 17 - Depart Vancouver Canada 4:30 pm to start our fabulous Alaskan Cruise aboard the Celebrity Century.
---2 pm to 2:30 pm.  After boarding we will meet at Conference Centre, Forward Deck 6 for a free Meet and Greet, give out lanyards, distribute fun information and rules about our treasure hunt and make a presentation to our Aha Alumni

Monday Aug 18 - Inside Passage, at sea.
---9:30 am to 10 am.  Jessie, Donna and Celina will distribute the fabulous goodie bags
---10 am. Aurora Borealis Marker Technique Card Class - Instructor, Jessie Hurley
---2 pm. Free Event - Brother Scan N' Cut Demo and Make N' Take hosted by Donna and Celina

Tuesday Aug 19 - Icy Strait Point, 3 pm to 10 pm.  This village has the longest zip line in the world!
---9:30 am.  Inka Gold Glacier Gold Watercolour Glimmer Card Class, Instructor, Jessie Hurley

Wednesday Aug 20 - Hubbard Glacier-at sea through the glacier from 10:30 am to 2:30 pm
---2:30 pm.  Mountain Wildflower Card Class, Instructor, Celina

Thursday Aug 21 - Juneau 7:30 am to 8 pm.  No classes or free events

Friday Aug 22 - Ketchikan 2 pm to 8:30 pm.
---9:30 am. Turquoise Card Class.  Instructor, Jessie Hurley
---1 pm. Free Event - wood mount game

Saturday Aug 23 - at sea
---9:30 am. Iced Stencil Card Class.  Instructor, Jessie Hurley
---1:30 pm. Free Event - Card Swap
---2 pm. Free Event - Neat Nique
---Dinner in formal dining lounge - Jessie Hurley will announce winners and give out prizes for the treasure hunt and completing guest survey

Sunday Aug 24 - disembark

Class Pictures are up at Jessie's site

Hello Everyone
We finally have all the pics of the classes posted at Jessie's site.  From there, you can buy your classes as well as register for your free events.
You can get to the class list for Jessie's site from here:

Aurora Borealis Class

Faux Turquoise Class
Celina's Wildflower Class

Remember, please email Jessie after you have registered for all your classes and free events.


Friday, May 23, 2014

20 people signed up for Wood Mount Game

Ahoy there me mateys!
We have 20 people signed up for the wood mount game.  Come On!  Sign up for this free event if you haven't yet done so.
I have received such cool stamps from the previous wood mount games.  The last time I played, I received this cool art-deco snow flake background type stamp that is one of my favourites.

Please sign up for the wood mount game.  You will walk away with a fabulous stamp, like this one.

I promise no one will end with her own stamp, like last time.  Mental
note to Celina "Don't mix up the bags before the game starts".

Here is a review of the type of stamp to bring for the game:
Please bring a wood mount stamp that is new, or gently used.  Also, please bring a medium or large sized stamp.  Anything over 2 inches by 3 inches is good.

E-chat later

Make 30 cards for Card Swap

Ahoy There!
If you are doing the card swap, please make 30 cards.  If for any reason more than 30 people sign up for the card swap, you'll be the first to know.
However, 30 cards should definitely be sufficient.  In fact, you may have a couple extra cards as leftovers which is a nice bonus.

Also, if you haven't signed up for the card swap, please do so.  You will get a bunch of really nice cards.  A little bird told me that some people looked back on the previous cards from the previous card swaps on this blog and were concerned that their cards wouldn't be "good enough".  Don't think like that!  Simple cards, complicated cards, feminine cards, masculine cards, kids cards or any other types of cards are welcome.  I make simple cards for people I know wouldn't like busy cards.  For instance, my sympathy cards are always simple with no embellishments.
Please join us.  You will love the swap.

Here is a re-cap of the rules:
We have definitely eased-up on the rules.  Make the cards any way you want to make them.  If they aren't identical, that's OK...just keep the style of card the same.
Also, please don't write your personal message inside the card because people may want to send your card to one of her/his loved ones.  Please print your name (and any other info you feel comfortable indicating such as an email address) on a post-it-note and attach it to the back of your card.  This way the card swap recipient will know who made which card.
You don't need to include an envelope with your card but it is a nice touch.
Last but not least, yes, your card will be posted here on the blog as long as I remember not to mail it to one of buddies, like I did last time.  Yikes!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Cardmaking Supply list

Ahoy There!

Here is a list of cardmaking supplies to bring on the cruise:
-lots of your favourite adhesives such glue runners, a glue pen (for small embellishments), and Tombo-like or Aileen’s liquid glue. Sook Wang double sided tape is also a must.
-foam tape adhesive, or dimensionals, they are sometimes called “Pop ups”.
-fine tip scissors for cutting ribbon, and a pair of regular scissors.
-a paper piercer.

Optional accessories that we like to have but are not necessary:
a black ink pad, a brown ink pad for distressing, a sponge, a slide or guillotine cutter, a bone folder and tweezers for picking up fiddly items. We have reserved a conference room so the lighting should be fine. However, please feel free to bring your own battery operated (unsure of plug in situation in the conference room) light.
*For security reasons, please pack all your supplies in your checked in baggage (your suitcase).  Please do not carry them on the ship, in your carry-on bag. 
**You will be making four cards in each of the classes.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Important - Email Jessie after registering for classes and free events (REPOSTED)

Hello Sailing with Scissors Friends
Jessie asked me to move this post up to the top of the blog.  People have been inquiring recently about the process for buying classes.  Here it is:

I'm on the phone with our fabulous (yet, technically challenged) Jessie Hurley.  She is not getting a confirmation of the classes from her website as to which classes you have registered.
Paypal is confirming the amounts you have paid for the classes, so that part of the process is A-Okay.

**Please please please email Jessie at with your list of paid classes and free events so that we can ensure sufficient kits are made up.

Thanks for understanding.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Final payment deadline is May 20, 2014

Hello Me Mateys!
Just a quick note that the final payment date to pay for your fun filled Sailing with Scissors cruise is May 20th.  So, break open your piggy bank!