Saturday, December 21, 2013

Class Registration Information - Previously mailed to you

Ahoy there Sailing with Scissors Friend!

Can you believe Christmas is almost here?  Yikes...there is still so much to do!

Just a quick note that we mailed out the class registration information letter to all of you last month. Everyone should have received it.  If you didn't receive a letter, please contact Donna who can send one out to you.

Also, if you have any questions about the classes, please feel free to bring them up in the Yahoo discussion group.  Alternatively, you can contact Jessie (her email address is on the letter) or contact Donna.  We all have Donna's number on "speed-dial".


Sunday, December 1, 2013

Donna and Celina's Make N' Take & Scan and Cut Demo - Free Event

This has an interesting twist on another ol' favourite.  Sailing with Scissors members who sign up for this free event will be making the card shown below.  The twisty part about this card is that it is made using elements from the new die cut machine, Scan and Cut by Brother.  Donna owns a Scan and Cut and she really likes it. Initially, I thought to myself "do I really need another die cut machine?"  Well, after some research, I found out something very interesting about the Scan and Cut that appeals to us cardmakers.
Drum roll please....
You will never need to fussy cut a stamped image ever again.  Oh yes, you heard me correctly.  Stampers are loving the Scan and Cut because you can stamp your image on paper, feed it through the Scan and Cut which will scan the image.  You can then resize the image or edit it using the screen on the Scan and Cut.  Then, you stamp your image again on your cardstock, feed it through the Scan and Cut and it will cut around your stamped image perfectly.  All of this is done without a computer.  I can't think of any other die cutting machine on the market that can do this so simply.
I can't wait to see this demo.  Sign up for this free event and be prepared to be pleasantly surprised.