Monday, October 3, 2011

Six Spots Left

Hello Cardmakers!
We haven't had too much to report for a while so the blog has been quiet.

Here is a bit of scoop. I was speaking to the travel agent who is organizing the cardmaking cruise to Hawaii for us, Donna Athey, and she said that the group has room for SIX CARDMAKERS ONLY!
Wow can you believe that.
If you are still thinking about booking the cruise, please note that the big number "six" doesn't count for non-cardmaking ship guests.
This means that if you're a cardmaker and your cabin pal is not participating in any of the classes, then we will have room for five more cardmakers.
I hope this makes sense.

We have less than a!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Cool Leftovers

Here is a card I made using a couple of cool tidbits from our last Sailing with Scissors cruise. Firstly, I don't have any "uncle" stamps so one of the newsletters talked about printing a custom salutation using your computer printer. I printed a really nice birthday greeting for my uncle in brown ink, on vanilla cardstock. I then cut it out with a nestability. Then, I used a really beautiful piece of decorative paper from a paper pack that we had received in our goody bags, thanks to Jessie and her sponsors.

Did I mention that Jessie is doing another goody bag for this cruise? Oh yes. That is happening.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Jessie's Hawaiian Intro

Here is the fabulous Jessie, owner of Cherish the Thought and sponsor of Sailing with Scissors, Hawaiian cruise. Don't you just love her Hawaiian outfit. Aloha right back at you, Jessie!

Link to pics of ship

Donna has sent me a really cool link to the ship. Here it is:

Here is another area in the Carnival site that talks about Hawaii:

These links will keep me busy for hours.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Awesome New Store!

I just visited our hostess Jessie at her new store, on Schoolhouse Road. I love the central location. I drove there in 15 minutes from Metrotown.
The store is open and airy with lots of windows and natural bright lighting. Jessie was talking to 8 customers all at the same time, yesterday. That lady is talented.
Go check it out. You can't miss it, just look for the "Remember Me" Scrapbooking sign.
The address is 104B 250 Schoolhouse Street, Coquitlam.

Call 604 917 0230 to book your classes.

Friday, May 20, 2011

The Schedule "At a Glance"

Here is the schedule “at a glance”:

Sept 18 – leave Vancouver
Sept 19 – Alcohol Ink Technique card class (morning). Meet and greet with Jessie and other guests, give out goody bags
Sept 20 – Christmas Card Class (morning)
*Wood Mount Game (afternoon) – free
Sept 21 – Stencil/Tombow Marker Technique Class (morning)
*Make ‘N Take (afternoon) – free
Sept 22 – Gail’s Hawaiian Themed card class (morning)
*Card Swap – free to enter
Sept 23 – Special Guest Instructor Class - Andrew Hurley, Copper Card class
ie’s Neat ‘Nique (afternoon) – free
Sept 24 – in Kona
Sept 25 – in Kaui
Sept 26 – in Hilo
Sept 27 – in Maui
Sept 28 – in Maui
Sept 29 – in Honolulu
Sept 30 – disembark Honolulu

note you must register for, at least, two classes in order to be able to do the fun free events.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Single Traveller Alert - Roommate needed

We have a really nice lady named Denise who would like a roommate for the cruise. If you're interested, please call Donna.

Here is Donna's contact info:

Donna Athey, Cruise and Vacation Specialist
Direct: 604-464-7447
Toll Free: 1-800-299-0817
Cell: 604-644-5562

I'm reading this information from her business card. She is a Gold status agent. This means, she knows what she is talking about.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Making New Friends

This is my friend Gail and my other friend Gail.

A really nice unexpected perk from Sailing With Scissors is making new friends. My pal Gail and I roomed together on the previous Sailing With Scissors Alaskan cruise and we met another like-minded cardmaker, also named Gail. She is such a great person. We all ended up going to a stamping convention in Puyallup last weekend. If it hadn't been for Sailing with Scissors, we would never have met.

Another reason to join the fun on the Sailing with Scissors Cruise!

Here we are at Gail's place making cards:

Friday, May 6, 2011

We have our class schedule available

We are so excited with our class schedule. We received feedback that two classes a day were too many. Our stampers wanted to lounge by the pool in the afternoon, read a book or work on their
own projects. You spoke - we listened. Jessie has organized the schedule so that there is one morning class (not too early for us non-morning people) a day, and an optional free quick afternoon event.

I don't have the class times yet because we don't have confirmation of the conference room timetable.

All classes are $35 dollars. Participants will have the chance to win prizes in each class. We don't have class samples yet but I have posted pics of the "style" of card to expect for each class.

We board on September 18th. This is an afternoon to get unpacked, wave good bye to our beautiful city of Vancouver and check out the ship. No events will be planned this day.
However, you will get your first Sailing with Scissors newsletter which is jammed packed with useful information. Subsequent newsletters will be about cardmaking. You will gain helpful hints, techniques, ideas and even itty bitty card samples.

September 19th - first day at sea will start with introductions and a "meet and greet". Jessie with be handing out the goody bags to everyone. I can't wait to meet everyone.

September 20th - Alcohol Ink Technique Card Class with Jessie Hurley. Jessie will show you how to make four beautiful cards using alcohol inks. We don't have samples yet, but here is an idea of the style of beautiful cards you will make:

The photo doesn't do these cards justice. The technique is beautiful. Remember these are not samples for the class. Those will come later. Also a little bird told me (Jessie) that everyone will get a little treat so that the person can make alcohol ink cards at home...but this is a secret...shhhhh.

In the afternoon, after the class you are welcome to join us for the "wood mount" game.
It is free for you to participate*. All you need to do is bring one medium sized wood mount stamp that is new or nearly new. We host a really cool game in which you will get another stamp. Your stamp will end up going to a good card makers home.

September 21 - Metallic Card Class with Jessie Hurley
Jessie will do a technique which incorporates stamping on copper or other metallic sheets to make four original cards. This is a technique that was taught to us by Lisa Yang from Local King Rubber stamps. She is incredible. Here are samples of Jessie's metal cards and samples from a card class I took at Lisa's studio:

Look at the rich detail. Jessie carries Lisa's stamps at the store. Ask for Local King Rubber stamps. They are fabulous stamps. I have over 30 sets of Lisa'sstamps. You will love them.
Lisa also donated some of her wonderful stamps for prizes, last year. I won her funky looking starflake stamp set.
It is one of my favourites.

After the class, we will have a free make n' take. Anyone in our group is free to participate*. I don't have the details yet, but I'll blog it here when we get the scoop.

September 22 - Gail Matsuba - Stampin Up Demonstrator card class. Gail has been making cards for over 10 years. Gail joined us last year and was a great addition to the group. Ask her when she made her cards for the card swap. It is a very cute story. You will love Gail. Her cards are elegant, and fresh. Don't worry about high pressure sales. Gail will not put any pressure on you to buy products or join SU. She doesn't even have a website. If you like her cards and would like to take classes, she offers them in her home in Coquitlam. You can ask her for more details. Here is a sample of Gail's cardmaking style:

In the afternoon, we will have a card swap. Oh man did we have a great time last year. You bring 15 or 20 or however many identical cards to swap with everyone who has participated. Jessie will vote on which card she likes the best. The winner will get a prize. Participation is free*. You just need to bring your cards. Please note you must bring a card and not just a card front. Also, please do not write on the card. You can attach a post-it-note with your pertinent information. I have already given about half of the cards that I received last year to family and friends. Please see older posts about two or three pages back for pics of all the cards entered in the card swap. They were spectacular!

September 23 - Special Guest Instructor - Class TBA. I am going to get back to you on this class. I have a fabulous person who I think would love to teach a class on the cruise. She does many stamping conventions and trade shows so she needs to check her schedule to see she is free during this time.

In the afternoon we have an awesome new event for you. Jessie Hurley from Cherish the Thought will be hosting a Neat 'Nique Extravaganza which will be free for all participants*
Jessie, Gail, myself and our Special Guest instructor will each be demonstrating various Neat 'Niques in small groups. Everyone rotates from one group to the next, in order to experience all the various Neat 'Niques.

*Participation of free events requires that each participant sign up for at least TWO of the classes.

Doesn't this sound like fun!


Thursday, May 5, 2011

We have 10 people booked - need 10 more!!

Whoa! We have 10 people booked. We need 10 more people in order to get dibs on the conference room so we can hold the cardmaking classes. We are half way there.
Welcome Jane and Patricia. They are new to the Sailing with Scissors cruisers. You will not believe the fun times you will have on the cruise.
Number 9 and 10 are Gayle and Ed. Ed, I promise the cardmakers won't be taking Gayle away from you too often. You can peek in on the classes to see how she is doing.

Speaking of classes, we need ten more people to secure the conference room to hold the classes. Please book if you haven't already done so.


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Exclusive Goodies - Sailing with Scissors Group

I was speaking with Jessie today and she asked me to blog about some of the exclusive goodies participants of our group will enjoy:

-a daily newsletter written by me focusing on different cardmaking techniques.

-dinner seating with the group. Lots of laughs to be had.

-a password for a special Photobucket account so that you can download your cruise pics and share all the other pics from the other guests in the group who have also downloaded pics. In this way, you can get pics of scenes or people that you may have missed.

-take the onboard cardmaking classes

-Donna Athey our travel agent, is available at all times to help with your booking or if you have any questions. She co-ordinates with me and Jessie on all aspects of the group. We couldn't have done it without her for our Alaska cruise in 2010.

-qualify to take classes, participate in fun events such as the card swap and games.

I hate to be the heavy on this but please keep in mind:

If you wish to be part of the group, and be able to participate in the fun cardmaking activities, you must book your cruise with Donna only!!!
Sorry, but if you book your cruise with another travel agent, then you will not be permitted to be a participant in this group or take classes or join in any other fun cardmaking activties.


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Book 'em Donna!

Quoting a famous saying from Hawaii 5-O, the first television show filmed entirely on location in Hawaii, Donna has already been booking Sailing with Scissors guests.

One of the sister pairs, from Alaska, was the first to book this cruise. Annette and Karen are soooo much fun. You will love these gals. Yay Annette and Karen!

We have a new sister pair joining us this time. Welcome Trisha and Jane who have also booked the cruise. You will have a fabulous time.

Also, yours truly, Celina, has booked the cruise. I promise I will not wear plaid everyday - what was I thinking in Alaska!

I know you're reading this and saying "what are these people doing?...this is 17 months away...we have plenty of time to book". I wish this were true.

The problem is that this is a repositioning cruise and it is the one and only sailing doing this run. Several years ago I had done this sailing with another cruise line and asked Donna about it.
She said that the two other cruise lines that are doing this one sailing each, are closed.
We are not too sure what this means, except that the public can not book this repositioning sailing on these other lines.

This just leaves our ship, Carnival Spirit, on our sailing, available for the whole world.
We want this ship filled with stampers, not other people...just kidding, of course.

Hopefully this makes sense.

Donna can give you all the information about deposits, and timeframes...etc. Call her at 604-644-5562 or 604-464-7447. Her email address is

Book 'em Donna!

Itinerary - September 18 to September 30, 2012

We now have an itinerary for the Hawaiian Sailing with Scissors Cruise:
Tuesday, Sept 18, 2012 -- Leave Vancouver
Wednesday, Sept 19, 2012 -- Fun Day at Sea
Thursday, Sept 20, 2012 -- Fun Day at Sea
Friday, Sept 21, 2012 -- Fun Day at Sea
Saturday, Sept 22, 2012 -- Fun Day at Sea
Sunday, Sept 23, 2012 -- Fun Day at Sea
Monday, Sept 24, 2012 -- Kona Hawaii -- 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Tuesday, Sept 25, 2012 -- Kaui (Nawiliwili) -- 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Wednesday, Sept 26, 2012 -- Hilo -- 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Thursday, Sept 27, 2012 -- Maui (Kahului) -- 8:00 AM to overnight
Friday, Sept 28, 2012 -- Maui (Kahului) -- all day to 6:00 PM
Saturday, Sept 29, 2012 -- Honolulu -- 8:00 AM to overnight
Sunday, Sept 30, 2012 -- 8:00 AM disembark

We will have one class per day at `Fun Day at Sea`days. This will give you time to enjoy the rest of your afternoons and early evenings.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Carnival Spirit - September 18 to 30th 2012

Oh Wow!!! We have a details on our second Sailing with Scissors cruise.
Here is the scoop:
This time we will be sailing on the Carnival Spirit. The cruise leaves the port in Vancouver and cruises the various Hawaiian islands. Then, you fly back home.

The date is September 18th to the 30th 2012. Yes, this is next year. However, this is a one time sailing and sells out quickly.
All pricing is in US DOLLARS.

Inside Cabin is $1092 per person includes port taxes and govt fees
Outside Cabin is $1382 per person includes port taxes and govt fees
Oceanview Cabin is $1562 per person includes port taxes and govt fees
These prices are subject to change (meaning increase) at anytime.
Additional costs would be classes, air fare, extended stays in Honolulu. If you have travel points, this is a good time to use them.
The deposit is $500 per person and cabins will be based on double occupancy.
Another cruise adventure awaits us cardmakers.


If you are interested in joining the fun aboard the Carnival Spirit, Donna needs $500 per person deposit as soon as possible.

Donna is not allowed to book the conference room for our stamping classes without booking TWENTY CABINS.

We need to book the conference room otherwise sharing classroom space with looky-loos at the bar.

Please call Donna at 604-644-5562

Don't delay.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

New Hawaiian Cruise!!!!!

Drum roll!!!! Guess What???!!! I am pleased to announce Jessie Hurley, owner of Cherish the Thought will be hosting another cruise...this time we are going to HAWAII!!!!!!
Wow! We don't have dates or details except that the cruise will be September 2012. We will be sailing from Vancouver, have a few days at sea, then cruise around the Hawaiian Islands. It will be at least 10 days in length. At the end of the cruise we will be flying back to Vancouver. If you wish, you can spend a couple of extra days in Honolulu before flying back.

We have a few "for sures" we know we can tell you about:

1) Our fabulous travel agent, Donna will be organizing the travel arrangements for our cruise again. Ask Donna about the monthly pre-payment plan. Take a bow Donna!
2) Our plaid wearing sidekick, Celina will be doing her (in)famous daily newsletters and updating this blog. Hey wait a minute...that's me.
3) We will have ONE class per day when we are at sea. We received feedback that two classes a day is too much. In this way, guests can bring their projects from home to work on in the afternoon, or just work on their tans at the pools. Jessie will be teaching classes and I'll be announcing other instructors at a future date.
4) We will have a card swap and play the wood mount game again - these were hits. OK, we have figured out how to do the wood mount game so that the same person doesn't get her own stamp back. You two ladies know who you are.
5) Christmas cards were nice last year, but classes next year will have other occassion cards as well.
6) The goody bags were a hit last year and they will be a hit next year.

Subscribe to our blog to get all the "hot of the presses" news

We'll keep you posted on the details.

Hugs, Celina

Friday, February 18, 2011

Goodbye and Thank you!!!!

On behalf of myself, Jessie Hurley, Donna and Celina, I would like to thank all the wonderful participants of this wonderful cruise. Thank you to our guest instructor Diana Crick. Thank you also to the spouses who were good sports in supporting their cardmaking wives and their new friends.
New friendships were made, new techniques were learned and a great time was had by all.

We had a few "bumps" which will be fixed for next time, Yes, there will be a next time with another cruise.

We will cherish the wonderful memories of OTT lights and Joann's in Alaska, Pandora bracelets, Florida invitations, a new appreciation for Chilliwack, facials, Herman, cute waiters, nightly newsletter deliveries, blinking drink lights, and the list goes on and on.

Who could ever forget our attempts at getting group pictures at the exact time cruise entertainers decided to do a dance show, right in front of all of us.

Wishing you happy cardmaking!

See you next time!

Love, Jessie

Thursday, February 17, 2011

All pics on Photobucket


Did you miss taking a picture of a special dinner or funny incident? Well, you won't have to be disappointed any longer. We have set up a SailingwithScissors Photobucket account that contains albums of guests who have downloaded their pictures.

If you need the password, please call me at the store.

If you haven't downloaded your pics to the site, please do so - we'd love to see your pics.


Another card made from goody bag swag

Here is another card made from the awesome items in the goody bag. The picture is leftover from Jessie's Vintage card class. Jessie did an awesome technique in which one side of wide double sided tape is stuck on the picture. The backing of the other side of the tape, which is on the picture is removed. Then, sugar beads are sprinkled over the picture to cover it completely. You get a really nice frosted effect.

Goody Bag Projects

Our cardmaking guests received a really nice goody bag filled with beautiful paper, ribbon and embellishments. Here is a card made with the paper from the paper pack. The picture is an extra from Jessie's vintage class. Very nice.