Saturday, December 21, 2013

Class Registration Information - Previously mailed to you

Ahoy there Sailing with Scissors Friend!

Can you believe Christmas is almost here?  Yikes...there is still so much to do!

Just a quick note that we mailed out the class registration information letter to all of you last month. Everyone should have received it.  If you didn't receive a letter, please contact Donna who can send one out to you.

Also, if you have any questions about the classes, please feel free to bring them up in the Yahoo discussion group.  Alternatively, you can contact Jessie (her email address is on the letter) or contact Donna.  We all have Donna's number on "speed-dial".


Sunday, December 1, 2013

Donna and Celina's Make N' Take & Scan and Cut Demo - Free Event

This has an interesting twist on another ol' favourite.  Sailing with Scissors members who sign up for this free event will be making the card shown below.  The twisty part about this card is that it is made using elements from the new die cut machine, Scan and Cut by Brother.  Donna owns a Scan and Cut and she really likes it. Initially, I thought to myself "do I really need another die cut machine?"  Well, after some research, I found out something very interesting about the Scan and Cut that appeals to us cardmakers.
Drum roll please....
You will never need to fussy cut a stamped image ever again.  Oh yes, you heard me correctly.  Stampers are loving the Scan and Cut because you can stamp your image on paper, feed it through the Scan and Cut which will scan the image.  You can then resize the image or edit it using the screen on the Scan and Cut.  Then, you stamp your image again on your cardstock, feed it through the Scan and Cut and it will cut around your stamped image perfectly.  All of this is done without a computer.  I can't think of any other die cutting machine on the market that can do this so simply.
I can't wait to see this demo.  Sign up for this free event and be prepared to be pleasantly surprised.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Jessie's Neat 'Nique Free Event

Our wonderful Jessie Hurley is a wealth of stamping technique information.  She will be sharing some of her techniques during this free fun event.  You don't need to bring anything with you.  However, I find that she has so many helpful hints that I bring a pad of paper with me to jot them down to try at home later.  You won't want to miss it!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Another Ol' Favourite - The Wood Mount Game

I have to admit, this is my favourite free event we do for Sailing with Scissors.  All you need is a medium (or larger) wood mount stamp that is new or slightly used.  During the game, your stamp will be shuffled around until it ends up in a happy stamper's good home.  At the same time, you receive a different stamp that will get those creative juices flowing when you return home.
I received a really cool retro snowflake stamp last year that I'm using on my Christmas cards this year.  You can see the stamp in the middle of the picture.  I love it.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

New! Treasure Hunt - Free Fun Event

Ahoy There!
Our fabulous travel agent, Donna Athey had a great idea...let's do a Treasure Hunt aboard the Celebrity Century.  You will get to know your ship as well as your other Sailing with Scissors friends.  We will be meeting in Michael's Lounge (I still laugh at the name!  Perfect for us stampers) the day we board on Sunday August 17 at 2 PM for a fun Meet and Greet.  This is also when Donna hands out the question sheet.  You will be finding out fun facts or gathering cool trinkets throughout the week.  Once you have all the cool stuff, and correct answers, show Donna, Jessie or myself and your name will be entered for a draw at dinner on Saturday night.
Sound like fun?  Yes it is!  Just remember to sign up for a minimum of two card classes to join in the fun.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Old Favourite - Card Swap - Free Event

We are doing it again.  The Card Swap is a favourite event among past guests of Sailing with Scissors.  You make several identical cards to swap with Sailing with Scissors members.  Generally, you need about 25 cards.  However, as we get closer to the sailing date, we'll post the number of cards for you will need for the swap.  Don't worry if you are new to card making.  Simple cards, complicated cards, bright coloured cards, monochromatic cards, masculine cards, or feminine cards are all welcome.  If you look at the card swap posts from our previous cruises, you will see all the types of cards.  If you wish, on the back of the card, please place a post-it-note with your contact information so that the recipient knows who made what card.
You don't need to include an envelope but it's a nice touch.
Just remember to sign up for a minimum of two card classes to participate in this, and the other, free events.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Selling out fast

Ahoy There Me Mateys

A little bird from Celebrity Cruise lines told out fabulous travel agent, Donna Athey that the ship is selling out fast for our date.  It is on "Code Yellow".  Sounds official to me.  So, tell all your friends who have been hemming and hawing about joining Sailing with Scissors to call Donna and get booked.


Saturday, October 12, 2013

Schedule of Events for the cruise

Ahoy There Sailing with Scissors Friends
Here is the schedule of events for the cruise.  Doesn't it all sound fabulous!

Schedule of Events-Sailing with Scissors Alaska 2014

Saturday August 16, 2014Time TBA.  Pre-cruise Make N’ Take sponsored by Making Memories with Scrapbooking, Burnaby (suburb of Vancouver).

Sunday August 172:00 pm to 2:30 pm – after boarding, we will meet at Michael`s Lounge on Deck 7 for a Meet and Greet as well as a presentation to our AHA (Alaska, Hawai, Alaska) Alumni and discuss treasure hunt rules.

Monday August 189:30 am – Jessie, Donna and Celina will distribute the fabulous goodie bags.
- 10 am – Aurora Borealis Marker Technique Card Class. Instructor - Jessie Hurley
- 2 pm – Brother Scan and Cut Demo and Make N`Take hosted by Donna Athey & Celina Loyer

Tuesday August 199:30 am – Inka Gold – Glacier Gold Watercolour Glimmer Card Class.  Instructor – Jessie Hurley

Wednesday August 202:30 pm – Mountain Wildflower Card Class. Instructor – Celina Loyer

Thursday August 21 – free day in Juneau – no classes or events

Friday August 229:30 am - Ketchikan Turquoise Card Class.  Instructor - Jessie Hurley
- 1:00 pm – wood mount game, free event hosted by Jessie Hurley

Saturday August 239:30 am – Iced Stencil Card Class.  Instructor – Jessie Hurley
- 1:30 pm – Card Swap, free event hosted by Jessie Hurley
- 2:00 pm – Neat Nique, free event hosted by Jessie Hurley
- Dinner – Jessie will present prizes for the treasure hunt and the guest survey

Sunday August 24 - disembark

We have a few new events that have never been done on a Sailing with Scissors cruise:
We have a Pre-cruise Make N' Take at Making Memories with Scrapbooking in Vancouver.  Thank you to the owners and staff for hosting this event for us.
Donna Athey is also putting together the questions for a Treasure Hunt aboard the ship.  Oh yes!  Donna is also doing a demo that coordinates with my free Make N'Take of a brand new die cutting machine. 
We have kept our favourite activities that were always great fun like the card swap, goodie bags, and wood mount stamp game.
In addition, we have a guest survey so you can tell us what you want to see for future cruises.  


Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Cabins Still Available

Ahoy there!
Our fabulous travel agent, Donna Athey, asked me to pass the word that she has cabins available for our Sailing with Scissors group.  If you are interested in a category not shown below, please call Donna and she move your booked cabin to our group.
If you, or anyone you know is interested in booking our cardmaking cruise, see the information below:
Join us and have fun!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Donna's Make N' Take and Scan N Cut Demo

Ahoy There!
Donna and myself will be doing a free Make N' Take for all Sailing with Scissors participants.  What gives this event a different twist is that you will be using a brand new die cut machine by Brother that comes out onto the marketplace next month.  It is called the Scan N Cut.
There are two very cool things about this die cut machine:  first, it doesn't need any expensive cartridges; second, it is not plugged into a computer in order to capture an image.  There are no other die cut machines on the market that don't use either of these image mechanisms.
The scan n cut cuts paper, fabric, cardstock, vinyl, acrylic etc.
On the cruise, Donna will do a demonstration of the Scan N Cut.  Then, you will piece together the card for the make n' take.  At this time, you will use the Scan N cut to cut out cardstock images  to place onto your card.  How fun is that!

Here is a link to the Brother website that has three interesting Scan N Cut videos:

If you would like to take a peek at the Scan N' Cut before our cruise, Donna has asked the fine folks at Brother to do an exclusive presentation for our Sailing with Scissors group before the end of this year. The demonstrator from Brother will be doing a really interesting demonstration for us on November 2, 2013.  It will be held at Castles Sewing Center, 18543 Fraser Hwy, Surrey BC.  You can drop in anytime between 1 pm and 5 pm.  However, please call Castles at 604-574-5333 to reserve your spot.

See you there,

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Scoop on Yahoo Group

Make sure you sign up for the Yahoo Group.  We have posted scoop there that isn't here on the blog yet.

Here is the link:

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Jessie, Donna and Celina all on Yahoo Group

Hello Sailing with Scissors Members
The three of us are on the yahoo group stated below.  We are the only members of the group, so far.  So, if you have any questions or suggestions, please sign up for the group and one of us will respond.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Private Yahoo Group for our Sailing with Scissors Group

Ahoy There Me Matey!
The three of us just a meeting a few hours ago (thank goodness for Tim's coffee and donuts).  One topic that came up is that members want to be able to talk with each other.  Jessie came up with the an idea of having a Yahoo Group.  I have set up Yahoo Groups before and love them.  You can post any message you want and anyone in the group can read and/or reply to your message.
The only people that are permitted to join the group are people currently booked on Sailing with Scissors, Alaska 2014.
This is nice because you can talk about what excursions you are taking, or exchange email/phone numbers, or arranging an early morning walking buddy or anything else without concerns about privacy.  Do you have specific questions that you think other members have the answers?  Or, were you on a previous Sailing with Scissors cruise and have thoughts, ideas or even criticisms for us, this is the place for you.
I strongly suggest you join the group.
Get to know your group members, before August 2014.

Here is the link:

Press the "Join Group" button and follow the instructions.

Please use the email address that you used when you booked the cruise so that I can verify your identity.  No imposters allowed.  Ha ha.


Monday, June 10, 2013

38 Cardmakers booked...maximum is 50

Ahoy there me mateys!

Oh My Goodness!  The Sailing with Scissors cruise is 14 months away until sailing and we already have booked 38 cardmakers.  Wow!!

The maximum number of cardmakers we can book is 50 due to the number of people who can fit in the conference room for classes.  Spouses, partners, kids, friends, family who are accompanying the cardmakers are not included in this number.

If you are humming and haaaing about booking this cruise, please do it soon (I can't believe I'm saying this...14 months away) because we are booking up quickly.


Saturday, June 8, 2013

Aha! Alumni

Congrats to our Aha (Alaska, Hawaii, Alaska) Alumni, Madame Debbie!
Debbie is the first member of Sailing with Scissors to have sailed on the previous two cruises and has recently booked the Celebrity 2014 cruise.

Thanks Debbie.  You rock!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

What happens on Sailing with Scissors?

Some of you are booking into this group, have an idea about what we do, but aren't sure about details.

Sailing with Scissors is a group of cardmakers who sign up for card making classes that are held on a cruise ship.  Jessie Hurley teaches most of the classes with a guest instructor teaching one of the classes for a little variety.  The classes are $35 per person.
We also have free events for members of Sailing with Scissors.  You can participate for these events if you sign up for a minimum of 2 of the classes.
The free events are:
1) A Make N' Take.  You will receive a card kit with all the supplies and instructions to make a cool card.  I am at the event to help if you have any questions.
2) Wood Mount Game.  Each participant brings in a medium to large size rubber stamp that is wood mounted.  It can be new or gently used.  This stamp will go to a good home, and in return, you get a different stamp for your new card creations.
3) Card Swap.  You make 30 (just a guess) identical cards at home, and then thirty other Sailing with Scissors members do the same.  On the ship, you swap your cards for the other cards.  Now, you have 30 new cards to use or to keep for prototypes.  I have posted pics of all the cards that were given out in the card swap, on the last cruise.  Take a look.  They are fabulous.
4) Meet and Greet.  Many friendships have blossomed from Sailing with Scissors cruises.  You will get to know everyone and have fun.
5) Prizes, goody bags and newsletters.  Lots of free-bees for members who sign up for a minimum of two classes.

The class schedule is TBA


Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Booking your cabin within the Sailing with Scissors Group

Ahoy There!
Our fabulous travel agent, Donna Athey, is again the go-to person for booking your Sailing with Scissors cruise for Alaska 2014.
Donna's contact information is as follows:

Work:  604-464-7447
Cell:  604-644-5562

Donna has been a cruise specialist for over 10 years and she has done a superb job for us in the past.

I know you're wondering why you can't just book the cruise with your own travel agent.  Well, the reason is because Donna has a "group" on the ship for Sailing with Scissors.  Donna also watches the number of people who are booking in our group so that we don't over-sell.  We can have a maximum of 50 cardmakers booked for this cruise (this figure doesn't include non-stamping family or friends).

Sorry, but if you don't book your cruise with Donna, we're afraid you can't be part of the Sailing with Scissors group.  So, just book with Donna.  Ha ha.

Here is Donna with her two huskies:

Monday, June 3, 2013

New Slideshow of Celebrity Century

Check out the slideshow on the left for pics of the Celebrity Century that was docked in Vancouver on Sunday, June 2.  It's a beauty.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Port of Call, Icy Strait

Donna gave me some interesting information about one of our ports of call, Icy Strait.  It has the longest zip line in North America, huh interesting.
Here is the website for the area:

They even have a signature recipe:

Icy Strait Point Salmon Dip & Spread

  • 1 7.5 oz can of Wild Icy Strait Point Smoked King or Sockeye Salmon

  • 4 tablespoons mayonnaise

  • 4 tablespoons whipped cream cheese

  • 1 tablespoon chopped green onion or minced onion

  • Drain salmon, add to remaining ingredients in bowl, blend with fork.
  • Saturday, June 1, 2013

    Who is Sailing with Scissors?

    About 5 years ago, I took an awesome cardmaking class that was taught by Jessie Hurley.  Her technique based classes are well known in the Vancouver area.  I told Jessie that I had been searching for cruises that weren't scrapbook related, but focused on making handmade cards.  Since I couldn't find any such vacation, I suggested that Jessie, and her store Cherish the Thought, host this type of group.  She said that she would do it, if I would be the co-organizer.  I agreed and Sailing With Scissors was born.
    Donna and I used to work together at Cruiseshipcenters and I knew that she had hosted quilting cruises so she knew the right questions to ask, and the right people to talk to, regarding a cardmaking group.
    Besides, she is a cardmaker too!

    Here is your Sailing with Scissors Team:

    This is the fabulous Jessie Hurley.  She is the host of Sailing with Scissors.  Jessie obtains sponsorship from different cardmaker supply manufactures which translates into awesome goodie bags and incredible prizes.  Jessie is also the instructor of the wonderful card classes.  Check her out at

    Here is the equally fabulous Donna Athey.  Donna has won awards for being an outstanding travel agent at Cruiseshipcenters.  She has booked, helped organize, contributed prizes to our Sailing with Scissors group.  Check her out at

    Lastly, here is me, Celina Loyer.  I write the blog and write the daily cardmaking technique newsletters that you receive on the cruise.  I organize the free events on the ship:  the wood mount game, the make n' take and the card swap.  Just call me the assistant!

    We are your Sailing with Scissors Team!


    PS - These pictures were taken from our first Sailing with Scissors Alaskan cruise.

    Monday, May 27, 2013

    New Cruise News for 2014!!!

    Ahoy there Sailing with Scissors fans!

    Drum Roll...brrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!

    We have a new Sailing with Scissors cruise to Alaska for 2014.

    We will be cruising on the beautiful Celebrity Century, for a 7 night round-trip Vancouver to Alaska voyage. We depart August 17 from Vancouver and return on August 24, 2014.

    Look at this wonderful itinerary: