Friday, February 12, 2016

Glitter Brush

Hello Glitter Class Participants
I had a couple of inquiries about the blush brush to bring for the class.  This brush is a makeup brush that you can find at the cosmetic counter of your favourite drug store.  In fact you can buy them at your local dollar store.  Here are a few pics that may help you out:

Thanks Linda for best pic

same pic as Linda's but her pic is better

smaller version (only need brush on far left)

Here are a few more updates:

We still have room available.  If you know anyone who has been hemming and hawing about Sailing with Scissors, tell him or her to contact Donna.

Please make the number of cards and technique tags indicated on the information sheet mailed to you.  Even if more people book the cruise, we will still be fine.

Regarding the instructions for the tags, please place your name on the instructions so we all know who made which fabulous technique.  Please also try to make your instructions the same size as your tag.  It will look neater.  However, if your instructions are lengthy, don't worry about it.  Make them as long as necessary.  Also, please paper clip each instruction to each tag.  Jessie has a fun way of doing a more permanent adhesion but that's a surprise.

Here is some new news:

We will do a group photo after the last formal night dinner.  We will find a staircase somewhere on the lovely ship to take some great group photos.  Hopefully, the cruise dancing staff don't decide to break out in a musical number on the same staircase like they did in Hawaii.  Yikes!

If you have any questions, please feel free to email anyone of us at any time.  We are here for you!

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