Monday, September 28, 2015

Mail-Out coming to you soon

Hello Everyone,
Donna is in in the process of sending out the mail-outs to all of you.  In your envelope, you will have the class list, the free events list, a demo of a tag from our wonderful Jessie, and the card necessary to attach to embellie, if you're doing the embellie swap.

On the last page of the package is the "Sign-Me-Up Checklist".  Please review everything on this list since you will have to do some homework to participate in some of the free events.

Here is are pics of the type of tag you will need to buy if you plan on joining the technique swap:

Buy these!

Jessie's lovely technique tag

***Please note that once you have decided on a technique, please email Jessie at  In this way, we don't have any duplication of techniques.  We want everyone who participates in this swap to come away with all different fun techniques.  


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