Sunday, April 20, 2014

Pre-Registering is Convenient

Ahoy There Me Mateys!
I have just pre-registered and it's not as onerous as I was expecting.  Have handy your passport and your invoice that Donna gave you.
I first went to and then pressed on the "Already Booked?" tab across the top of the screen.
You then choose "On-Line Check In".
From here, you type in all your information.  The first thing you need to type in is your booking number.  I had to hunt for it on the invoice.  Look for the RBC Insurance logo then look down about two inches.  You will find "Cruise Line Booking Number: 16*****".  That's the number you need to continue.
After I finished, I logged out and logged back in to go to the "Already Booked?" tab and then the "Excursions" tab to book my excursions.
Hope this helps.
Also, Donna needs paperwork back from those of us (yes, me too) who haven't yet given it to her.  We will be walking the plank if we don't get it in to her.  Yikes!

Happy Easter Everyone.

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