Friday, July 30, 2010

Message from Ms. Donna

Here is a message from Ms. Donna:

Hello Ladies and Gents,
Yes, we have a few gents joining us. Thank you fellows for joining us. I know this will be a rough crowd so having a few bouncers in our group will be a great asset. Ha ha.
Is everyone counting down the days? I can not believe our trip is only 2 months away and we will be boarding our "hotel on the water" for seven glorious nights.
As soon as the tickets are ready, I will be sending them to everyone by Priority Post. I will include a letter which will explain all the important things you need to know to enjoy your trip, even more.
The most important thing is that everyone must be at Cherish The Thought, Jessie's store in Port Moody on September 10th at 6:30 AM!!!!

The bus is leaving promptly at 7:00 AM! Sorry, but any latecomers will be left behind to find her or his way to the pier in Seattle.

The bus driver is required to check your passport and your Cruise Ticket before you board the bus.

Any questions? Call me at 604 464-7447 or at 1-800-299-0817. Or email me at

Cheers Donna Athey!

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