Saturday, June 1, 2013

Who is Sailing with Scissors?

About 5 years ago, I took an awesome cardmaking class that was taught by Jessie Hurley.  Her technique based classes are well known in the Vancouver area.  I told Jessie that I had been searching for cruises that weren't scrapbook related, but focused on making handmade cards.  Since I couldn't find any such vacation, I suggested that Jessie, and her store Cherish the Thought, host this type of group.  She said that she would do it, if I would be the co-organizer.  I agreed and Sailing With Scissors was born.
Donna and I used to work together at Cruiseshipcenters and I knew that she had hosted quilting cruises so she knew the right questions to ask, and the right people to talk to, regarding a cardmaking group.
Besides, she is a cardmaker too!

Here is your Sailing with Scissors Team:

This is the fabulous Jessie Hurley.  She is the host of Sailing with Scissors.  Jessie obtains sponsorship from different cardmaker supply manufactures which translates into awesome goodie bags and incredible prizes.  Jessie is also the instructor of the wonderful card classes.  Check her out at

Here is the equally fabulous Donna Athey.  Donna has won awards for being an outstanding travel agent at Cruiseshipcenters.  She has booked, helped organize, contributed prizes to our Sailing with Scissors group.  Check her out at

Lastly, here is me, Celina Loyer.  I write the blog and write the daily cardmaking technique newsletters that you receive on the cruise.  I organize the free events on the ship:  the wood mount game, the make n' take and the card swap.  Just call me the assistant!

We are your Sailing with Scissors Team!


PS - These pictures were taken from our first Sailing with Scissors Alaskan cruise.

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  1. Okay - hi everyone. I'm signed up and looking forward to everything!