Wednesday, June 5, 2013

What happens on Sailing with Scissors?

Some of you are booking into this group, have an idea about what we do, but aren't sure about details.

Sailing with Scissors is a group of cardmakers who sign up for card making classes that are held on a cruise ship.  Jessie Hurley teaches most of the classes with a guest instructor teaching one of the classes for a little variety.  The classes are $35 per person.
We also have free events for members of Sailing with Scissors.  You can participate for these events if you sign up for a minimum of 2 of the classes.
The free events are:
1) A Make N' Take.  You will receive a card kit with all the supplies and instructions to make a cool card.  I am at the event to help if you have any questions.
2) Wood Mount Game.  Each participant brings in a medium to large size rubber stamp that is wood mounted.  It can be new or gently used.  This stamp will go to a good home, and in return, you get a different stamp for your new card creations.
3) Card Swap.  You make 30 (just a guess) identical cards at home, and then thirty other Sailing with Scissors members do the same.  On the ship, you swap your cards for the other cards.  Now, you have 30 new cards to use or to keep for prototypes.  I have posted pics of all the cards that were given out in the card swap, on the last cruise.  Take a look.  They are fabulous.
4) Meet and Greet.  Many friendships have blossomed from Sailing with Scissors cruises.  You will get to know everyone and have fun.
5) Prizes, goody bags and newsletters.  Lots of free-bees for members who sign up for a minimum of two classes.

The class schedule is TBA


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