Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Booking your cabin within the Sailing with Scissors Group

Ahoy There!
Our fabulous travel agent, Donna Athey, is again the go-to person for booking your Sailing with Scissors cruise for Alaska 2014.
Donna's contact information is as follows:

Work:  604-464-7447
Cell:  604-644-5562
Email:  dathey@cruiseshipcenters.com

Donna has been a cruise specialist for over 10 years and she has done a superb job for us in the past.

I know you're wondering why you can't just book the cruise with your own travel agent.  Well, the reason is because Donna has a "group" on the ship for Sailing with Scissors.  Donna also watches the number of people who are booking in our group so that we don't over-sell.  We can have a maximum of 50 cardmakers booked for this cruise (this figure doesn't include non-stamping family or friends).

Sorry, but if you don't book your cruise with Donna, we're afraid you can't be part of the Sailing with Scissors group.  So, just book with Donna.  Ha ha.

Here is Donna with her two huskies:

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