Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Optional Excursions

I was checking out the optional excursions when I was pre-registering and they are very interesting.  Keep in mind that doing organized optional excursions through Carnival gives you a few worry free benefits.  For instance, if for any reason, the transportation for the excursion is late, the Captain will wait, and will not set sail without the passengers from the excursion.  Also, Carnival has pre-screened these tour operators to ensure that the excursions are safe, the staff knowledgeable, and your experience is as expected.

If any of you wish to "meet-up" for an excursion, I have booked the following excursions for myself and my little 15 month sidekick.  Alternatively, if you don't want to be on an excursion with a squirmy 15 month old, you will know which excursions to avoid.  Tee hee.
-Kona Coffee Living History Farm
-Kauai North Coast & Hanalei Valley
-Hilo Historical Tour
-Iao Valley & Maui Tropical Plantation (Sept 27)

Cheers, Celina

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