Sunday, July 1, 2012

Card Swap Update

I'm sure you're wondering about this mixture of cardstock.  Well, these are the papers that I will be using to make cards for the card swap.

At this point, you will be safe if you make 20 cards.  We have 18 members in our group (including the fabulous K who just signed up this week).

We definitely urge all 18 of you to participate.  You will have so much fun.

Here is a great true story about a guest from our previous cruise.  This guest had just started stamping and was worried that her cards were too simple for the swap.  No way!  Sleek simple cards are very versatile.  After the card swap, and the cruise, this gal had gained enough self-confidence and knowledge from the classes aboard the cruise, that she began selling her cards at craft fairs.

How cool is that!

Remember if you are new to cardmaking, or a seasoned cardmaker, please join us in the card swap.  You will love the experience.

Just a couple of notes about the cards:

-Please make a full card with a front and a back side.
-Please don't write inside the card.  In this way, it can be used to give to someone special in the future.  Attach a post-it-note to the back of the card with your name.
-Including an envelope for your card is optional, but is a nice touch.
-Please make 20 identical cards.  You may have one or two extra but that's OK.  In fact, I used a couple of my extra cards from last time to give to special people I met on the cruise.

Happy Canada Day!!!

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