Saturday, August 14, 2010

Parking for seven days

Donna has had some people wondering where they can park their cars while they are on the cruise. This is especially true for our guests coming from the Valley.

We have seven undercover parking spots at the store, Cherish The Thought and I would be more than happy to have our cruise guests park there for free for the seven days. Please call me at the store to reserve the spot.

Also, I live "up the hill" from the store and there is room for four more vehicles in my residential complex, on the street. Again please call me for more details.

*We have a comment below from Debbie which is a good one regarding transportation from the pier in Vancouver to our homes or back to the store. Many of us are taking the Skytrain out of downtown and then taking a taxi or having friends/family take us to our homes. The nearest Skytrain to the store is at Lougheed Mall. This would also be the best location to get a taxi, for an inexpensive taxi ride to the store.

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  1. This is great Jessie, but I thought the bus trip was only one way. How are we supposed to get from the pier in Vancouver back to Port Moody?