Saturday, August 28, 2010

Extras to Bring

Hello Stampers,
There are a few extras supplies that you can bring for enhancing your cards:

Jessie's Acrylic class - bring a blue ink pad and a black ink pad if you would like to ink your edges.
Jessie's Vintage Class or Pop-Up Class - bring a brown ink pad, again for inking your card edges. If you have a crimper (5 inches long), please bring it. Don't buy one special for the class because I will have one for you to use. You will love the card we will make with an envelope.
Jessie's Elegant Christmas Cards - blue ink pad, also for inking your card edges

Diana's card class - paper piercer and pad. If you don't have one, a push pin and a computer mouse pad work well.

Maureen's card class - same as Diana's class.

Please bring lots of adhesive because you will be making lots of fabulous cards. Who knows, your Christmas Cards for this year may be all done on the cruise.

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