Sunday, August 30, 2009

Wood Mount Game

Wood Mount Game...Watcha Talkin' About, Jessie?

I assure you this will be a very fun game. I am keeping the details secret for now. This will just add to the fun. If you wish to participate, there is no cost. All you need to bring is one wood mount stamp that is new, or slightly used (no more than 2 uses, and no ink residue on the wood mount or the rubber). You will not get your stamp back, so make sure you will not be sad to part with that particular stamp. The wood part of the stamp must measure at least 3 inches by 2 inches, in either direction.
I'm bringing my ruler, to keep it fair!

You will get a new-to-you wood mount stamp, and make someone else happy with your unwanted stamp.

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  1. yahoo.. I can feel a party coming on :)