Sunday, August 30, 2009

Booking Cruise

I know you're asking "How do I book this cruise and join in on the fun?"

You must book your cruise through Donna Athey from CruiseShipCenters. She has been a cruise specialist for several years and has hosted theme based cruises in the past. By booking through Donna, I will know exactly how many passengers will be participating in Sailing with Scissors. Also, Donna can provide you with information about class pre-registration. I know you're thinking "I have a perfectly fine travel agent that I use, why can't I just use him/her?". In order to keep the Sailing with Scissors group, we need to all book through Donna. You will love her. She's fabulous.
Donna's toll free number in North America is 1-800-299-0817
Her local Vancouver number is 604-464-7447
Her email is
Her website is

Please note that cardmakers do not pay extra for the cruise cost. The rate for this group is for anyone who like to travel on this cruise.

The prices indicated below are Early Bird prices and they can increase or change at anytime, so book now!
Heeeere's Donna!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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