Friday, December 25, 2015

Scan N Cut for Christmas?

No....well you're in luck!  Castle Sewing Centre has three Scan N Cuts in their inventory at this moment.  Our incredibly fabulous travel agent, Donna, is also a Scan N Cut expert for Castle's Sewing.  She can give you a very cool demonstration.
Here is a very cool fact about Castle's Sewing.  If you buy any type of machine from their store, the employees will give you tutorials on how to operate your machine for as long as you own it.  I had three tutorials on how to work the automatic threader on my sewing machine.  The really nice customer service person told me to call them if I have trouble with any other feature of my sewing machine.  Whoa!  You don't get service like this anywhere, now a days.
You Rock - Castle Sewing Centre!

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