Wednesday, November 27, 2013

New! Treasure Hunt - Free Fun Event

Ahoy There!
Our fabulous travel agent, Donna Athey had a great idea...let's do a Treasure Hunt aboard the Celebrity Century.  You will get to know your ship as well as your other Sailing with Scissors friends.  We will be meeting in Michael's Lounge (I still laugh at the name!  Perfect for us stampers) the day we board on Sunday August 17 at 2 PM for a fun Meet and Greet.  This is also when Donna hands out the question sheet.  You will be finding out fun facts or gathering cool trinkets throughout the week.  Once you have all the cool stuff, and correct answers, show Donna, Jessie or myself and your name will be entered for a draw at dinner on Saturday night.
Sound like fun?  Yes it is!  Just remember to sign up for a minimum of two card classes to join in the fun.

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