Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Book 'em Donna!

Quoting a famous saying from Hawaii 5-O, the first television show filmed entirely on location in Hawaii, Donna has already been booking Sailing with Scissors guests.

One of the sister pairs, from Alaska, was the first to book this cruise. Annette and Karen are soooo much fun. You will love these gals. Yay Annette and Karen!

We have a new sister pair joining us this time. Welcome Trisha and Jane who have also booked the cruise. You will have a fabulous time.

Also, yours truly, Celina, has booked the cruise. I promise I will not wear plaid everyday - what was I thinking in Alaska!

I know you're reading this and saying "what are these people doing?...this is 17 months away...we have plenty of time to book". I wish this were true.

The problem is that this is a repositioning cruise and it is the one and only sailing doing this run. Several years ago I had done this sailing with another cruise line and asked Donna about it.
She said that the two other cruise lines that are doing this one sailing each, are closed.
We are not too sure what this means, except that the public can not book this repositioning sailing on these other lines.

This just leaves our ship, Carnival Spirit, on our sailing, available for the whole world.
We want this ship filled with stampers, not other people...just kidding, of course.

Hopefully this makes sense.

Donna can give you all the information about deposits, and timeframes...etc. Call her at 604-644-5562 or 604-464-7447. Her email address is dathey@cruiseshipcenters.com

Book 'em Donna!

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