Saturday, February 19, 2011

New Hawaiian Cruise!!!!!

Drum roll!!!! Guess What???!!! I am pleased to announce Jessie Hurley, owner of Cherish the Thought will be hosting another cruise...this time we are going to HAWAII!!!!!!
Wow! We don't have dates or details except that the cruise will be September 2012. We will be sailing from Vancouver, have a few days at sea, then cruise around the Hawaiian Islands. It will be at least 10 days in length. At the end of the cruise we will be flying back to Vancouver. If you wish, you can spend a couple of extra days in Honolulu before flying back.

We have a few "for sures" we know we can tell you about:

1) Our fabulous travel agent, Donna will be organizing the travel arrangements for our cruise again. Ask Donna about the monthly pre-payment plan. Take a bow Donna!
2) Our plaid wearing sidekick, Celina will be doing her (in)famous daily newsletters and updating this blog. Hey wait a minute...that's me.
3) We will have ONE class per day when we are at sea. We received feedback that two classes a day is too much. In this way, guests can bring their projects from home to work on in the afternoon, or just work on their tans at the pools. Jessie will be teaching classes and I'll be announcing other instructors at a future date.
4) We will have a card swap and play the wood mount game again - these were hits. OK, we have figured out how to do the wood mount game so that the same person doesn't get her own stamp back. You two ladies know who you are.
5) Christmas cards were nice last year, but classes next year will have other occassion cards as well.
6) The goody bags were a hit last year and they will be a hit next year.

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We'll keep you posted on the details.

Hugs, Celina

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